Zebra Blinds

Leading blinds experts provide high-quality blinds for offices. We have many years of experience in manufacturing, supplying, and installing various types of blinds to ensure efficient service.

The blinds can be any color you like, and the installation and manufacturing are done by our well-trained staff.

Zebra blinds are made of durable polyester material and are easy to clean. The striped patterns and bold colors of zebra blinds can be the focal point of your home. These Zebra blinds let people do not have to worry about monotony because they provide a variety of colors. Zebra blinds are different from the classic solid colors due to their patterns. Stripes can be used as a home entertainment style or as a delicate and innovative curtain treatment. Translucent and transparent woven tapes are incorporated into the shadows. When you wish to turn off the shadow, the transparent shadow will disappear because the semi-opaque bands are arranged together. Although soft lighting can still enter the home, it still keeps your home area private. When the blinds are in the open position, the translucent bands will not align, so the transparent stripes will allow light to enter your house