About Us

FIZONE OFFICE SYSTEM was established in October 2010, providing a complete office furniture system and services, from office layout planning, carpets and furniture to decoration projects.

As an expert in dedicated office systems, we provide corporate customers with a one-stop solution to meet all their office furniture needs, whether it is for new physical office settings, space expansion, and upgrade projects, or for their existing office’s Refurbishment and renovation.

Main considerations such as daily work, durability, maximization of space and ergonomics are all given priority to ensure comfortable and smooth movement in a well-arranged office. After all, we firmly believe that our complete office system should be combined with customers’ own wise choices and high expectations to provide the best performance in the workplace.

Therefore, whether you are just looking for dedicated office furniture, or are considering the overall renovation of the entire workplace, please call us for no obligation discussion.

Our renovation services include
• Gypsum board partition
• Office ceiling
• Carpet and vinyl floor
• Office shutters and tinting
• Mechanical Engineering
• Alarm and security system

Master planning, operation, and management solutions
At FIZONE, we not only provide products but also provide various solutions to improve
The working environment of the office has solved many companies,
Organizational and personal challenges.